Ultimate Guide: The Best Maternity Lingerie for Each Pregnancy & Postpartum Stage

Good maternity lingerie is essential for mothers who are expecting, unfortunately it's often a IYNYN situation, but trust us it is 100% worth the time and money. Not only will it provide comfort and support to your growing breasts but it also helps them stay in place during pregnancy and breastfeeding. When it comes to bra shopping, there are a few key elements that you should consider.

Firstly, the fit of the maternity bra is important. A well-fitted maternity bra should provide you with support and comfort without being too tight or restrictive. It should also be lightweight and breathable so that your skin can breathe even during pregnancy. Additionally, look for a style that has adjustable straps so that you can adjust it as needed. 

Secondly, fabric is also important when choosing a maternity bra. Not only should the fabric be comfortable but it should be breathable and soft enough to provide support without feeling restrictive or uncomfortable. 

Finally, don't forget about convenience! When you're pregnant and breastfeeding, convenience is key. Look for bras with clips on the straps that make it easy to open and close your bra quickly and easily. This will ensure that your maternity bra provides the best fit and support throughout your pregnancy.

Now that you know the key elements to look for when choosing a maternity bra, it's time to start shopping! 

We organised our favourite styles into trimesters to make shopping a breeze! Just remember, our lingerie is designed to be worn throughout pregnancy and postpartum, with a focus on quality and adjustability for long-lasting comfort. Oh, and don't forget - you'll need at least three maternity bras: one to wear, one to wash, and one in the drawer. And even if it's your favourite, give your bra a break and try not to wear it every day. For tips on how to care for your bras, check out any of our product listings. Happy shopping!

What bra to wear in your first trimester

Ultimate Comfort and Support: Expectant Mother Flaunts Wirefree Maternity Bra Tailored for Trimester Bliss.

When fitting a new maternity bra in the first Trimester, we recommend fitting on the firmest hooks so you can loosen the band as your ribcage extends during trimesters 2 and 3.

Warrior Soft Cup 

We love this option for the soft wirefree band, combined with the luxe sheer lace look. Multifit cups will grow with you, which is perfect for pregnancy and your changing body. Our signature magnetic nursing clips are a discrete and gorgeous feature of this style. Available in soft ivory or stunning jet black, this style is one of the most photographed maternity shoot styles. At a time when confidence can be rocked, this style is elevated comfort. 

Show Off 

This buttery-soft wireless style with cotton-lined full cup coverage and discrete A-frame support offers uncompromising softness on newly tender skin. With fully adjustable straps and a wirefree band, our global award-winning bra is the perfect everyday maternity bra from a D-H cup with 10-20 Band inclusivity. 

Ambition T-shirt

This style's smooth profile contour cups offer modesty under tight tops for changing breasts and nipples. The wirefree style with soft band offers medium support and comfort. Cotton-lined cups offer softness on tender skin and the half-length adjustable straps can be converted to racerback. We love this style for the workplace. 

What bra to wear in the second trimester 

Harmony of Comfort and Flexibility: Mom Engages in Yoga Wearing Zen Maternity Bra, Ideal for Every Trimester.

The second trimester can be a time of empowerment for many women. With a fuller cup size and morning sickness settling, gentle exercise feels great, and the realisation of what your body is capable of is truly empowering. No matter how you're feeling, we have the perfect styles for you. During this trimester, your cup size typically stabilises and the growth is all baby. You may notice your ribcage starting to expand, and this is where the six hooks and eyes on all Hotmilk bras truly shine. When fitting a new maternity bra in the second trimester, we recommend starting with the firmer hooks so you can adjust the band as your rib cage expands during the third trimester.


This is the perfect time to get active if you are feeling up to it. The flexi underwire provides support for a fuller bust up to an H cup—the comfort of padded front straps and breathable four-way stretch and a moisture-wicking lining. With a convertible racer-back, wear this style your way. 


The wirefree alternative to Reactivate, with easy-to-fit dual-sizing foam cup support. If you love Yoga, walking or hiking, the Zen sports bra is for everyday light exercise and comfort.

Warrior Plunge 

This style will inspire confidence and strength. The beautiful lace overlay and half contour cup lend themselves to one of the most insta-worthy maternity bras of its time. Define your journey through motherhood with a plunging neckline and flexi underwire ensuring lift and shape are not compromised. This is also a great Maternity Photoshoot option. 

True Luxe 

Empowerment is key with this style, available up to a 16J cup: the stunning semi-sheer three-piece cup lifts, rounds, and supports. The flexi underwire supports this luxuriously refined large floral lace maternity bra, combined with Hotmilks signature magnetic nursing clips. It's hard to believe stunning and comfortable can be found in one bra.

What Bra to wear in the Third Trimester 

Trimester-Perfect Comfort: Expectant Mother Adorns Wirefree Maternity Bralette with Stretch and Lace for Ideal Fit.

Your due date is just around the corner. During the third Trimester, your baby is doing a lot of growing. As this happens, your breasts also change and need extra support. As your body gets short on room, at this stage, a wirefree option may be the comfiest option around your ribcage. 

Heroine Bralette 

This fabulous soft sheer lace bralette provides everyday comfort. The multi-fit cup sizing is perfect for cup fluctuations, and traditional nursing clips are perfect for leading into your breastfeeding journey.   

Lunar Eclipse

Based on our award-winning style Show Off, this soft slinky microfiber wirefree style is the basis of comfort in your last Trimester. Magnetic nursing clips from a D-H cup and 10-20 band this style lifts and rounds your natural shape while giving a smooth line under clothing. 

What bra should be in your hospital bag

Ultimate Comfort in Style: Mom Wearing Luxuriously Soft Over-the-Bump Pregnancy Briefs During Final Trimester, Nearing the Exciting Arrival of Her Baby

One of the most common queries at this stage is, "How can I determine my bra size post-pregnancy?" It's a valid concern, which is why we recommend our versatile multi-fit styles that accommodate your changing body. We urge you not to postpone preparations, as your little one might make an early entrance, catching you off guard. Need assistance with packing your hospital bag? Take a look at our comprehensive Hospital Bag List for ultimate preparedness.

My Necessity Bra 

Our most loved piece for late pregnancy and birth. Soft to the touch, no seams for pressure points and light support on tender breasts. Multifit to grow with your increasing cup size. Smooth contour cups help hold your breast pads in place during sleep. Perfect for around the home, hospital and sleep. We recommend at least 3 of these as your staple in your wardrobe.  My Necessity comes in Regular and Full Cup. 

My Necessity Cami

A multi-fit cami that will support you like a bra, perfect for in the hospital, keeping your stomach covered with easy access for nursing. A supportive stretch feels great for new mama bodies, pop a pair of leggings and a cardi, and you are dressed for the day!

Dream Nightie

A multi-fit nightie our mamas love to give birth in. Super soft viscose fabric is light and breathable while offering a built in bra with full cup A-frame support. An easy-fit size range makes this perfect for a baby shower gift for an expecting mama.

Caress Bamboo 

A sumptuously soft multi-fit plunge bra flatters the body while feeling like a second skin. A wirefree style constructed from sustainable bamboo fabric with wide wings for a smooth and seamless look. Features easy-use nursing clips and side sling feed frame for fuss-free-feeding. Like the My Necessity this bra is available in both Regular (A-DD Cup) and Full (DD to G Cup).

What bra to wear in the fourth trimester

Effortless Style and Function: Mom in Nude Nursing T-Shirt Bra with Breastfeeding Clips, an Ideal Choice for the On-the-Go and Busy Mother.

Our versatile styles are designed to provide comfort and support during the initial weeks after giving birth when your breasts may feel tender and sensitive as your milk comes in. But what about when you're ready to conquer the world? If you're experiencing fuller or heavier breasts due to breastfeeding and need extra support, our range of flexi underwire bras could be the perfect solution. We recommend waiting until your cup size stabilises and your breastfeeding patterns regulate before transitioning to a flexiwire design. During the 4th Trimester, we suggest fitting the bras on the looser hook and eyes, allowing you to readjust and tighten the band as your ribcage contracts in the coming months.

Forever Yours

This style's smooth profile contour cups offer modesty under tight tops for changing breasts and nipples. The flexi underwire offers great support, especially if your breasts feel full. Cotton-lined cups offer softness on tender skin, and the fully adjustable straps can be converted to racerback. We love this style for its simplicity and support. 


Offering a smooth contour shape without adding bulk, this style has fuller cup coverage than Forever Yours. Our most supportive T-shirt bra with Flexi Underwire up to a J cup. 


A soft cup flexi underwire in gorgeous lace over cotton lined cups. Racerback convertible provides extra uplift and support luxurious enough for special occasions yet comfortable for all-day wear. Temptation is perfect with a lower centre with lace full cup coverage, in this bra you can take on the world!  

We offer a variety of styles and support to accommodate the changes your body goes through during motherhood. It's important to remember that our suggested styles are just a starting point; you know your body best. Some moms appreciate the supportive feel of flexi underwire throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, while others prefer wire-free and wouldn't go back. Whether you prefer luxurious lace or simple elegance, Hotmilk is here to support all mums.

Not sure about your current bra size? We provide online measurement charts to help you find the right fit. For a more detailed guide on finding your perfect bra, visit our dedicated FIND MY FIT section. Our support team is always available to assist you at support@hmcollective.com.

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