Real Mama Interview: Kate Hiini

You may know Kate from the second season of The Bachelor New Zealand however a lot has changed from her time gracing our screens. A week after leaving The Bachelor (she reached top five!) she met the love of her life, Brandon and became pregnant with her now-toddler Lucy.

We have always admired Kate’s refreshingly honest approach to motherhood – so as soon as she announced she was having twins (!) we sat down to discuss how her pregnancy is going this time around.

What do you find the hardest about being pregnant with twins?

The most challenging part is that this time around I don't have the option of resting when I want to as we have a 3 year old daughter who is just a delight - but doesn't like Mummy resting! It's keeping her happy as well as myself which is the challenge! With twins you also have twice the hormones so if I am not crying, I am laughing until I cry... it's one big physical and emotional roller coaster ride!

What’s the best thing about being pregnant with twins?

Seeing my babies at our scans. One is always sleeping next to or on the other one and we can already see one is more relaxed than the other.

People are also so incredibly fascinated by twins, so I have loved sharing this journey with family and friends!

Is there anything you are afraid of?

Birth! As every Mother hopes for, I just want my two boys out healthy and happy. With twins I see so many premature births and families ending up in NICU. I am trying to take this journey day by day and not let my mind feed the negative thoughts too much.

How is being pregnant with twins (apart from the obvious) different from your previous pregnancy?

I am the size of a house and I am only 20 weeks! On a serious note, I am actually the same size now as I was when I carried Lucy at 36 weeks. I really can't imagine how big I will be full term... our bodies are just incredible.

What are you doing to prepare for it?

Like my first pregnancy I am seeing an Osteopath and will get acupuncture in the third trimester. You really have to invest in your body before birth and rest, rest, rest otherwise everything will catch up with you in the fourth trimester when you are sleep deprived with your baby/ies!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received during your pregnancy journey and who gave it to you?

My doctor recently said "follow your intuition, if something doesn't feel right go straight to the hospital" and I loved that advice. You can read all the books and ask everyone you know, however as a Mother we know if something isn't right... so act fast!

How has your relationship changed with your body during pregnancy?

During my first pregnancy I simply "got over myself" in the sense that for years I was never slim or toned enough. Once I gave birth to Lucy I was in awe of my body and had a new respect for it. The same goes for this time around. I feel blessed my body is healthy enough to grow my two boys.

Are there any blogs, books or websites that you recommend an expecting mum with twins should check out?

I always check out the Huggies website for simple info and have read all the books - although you truly forget it all once the baby is here! It is best to seek guidance from a loved one, midwife or sleeping consultant.

Have you had any crazy cravings?  If so, what are they?

I can't stop eating weet-bix with brown sugar and hot milk! I haven't eaten weet-bix since boarding school! My cravings are for savoury foods like cheese scones or a good old pie!

How have you been making time for yourself?

I tend to have a bath each night, however last night I went to get out and got cast/stuck so we will see how tonight goes...

How are you preparing Lucy for her siblings?

She says good morning and good night to the boys by touching my belly and she knows their names. I speak about them like they are here and explain I will need her help. I think that's as much as I can do for now. I don't want to scare her too much!

What should every expecting mum stock up on before having birth?

Frozen meals! I think having healthy meals in a big freezer in your garage is a game changer. Don't be shy about accepting food from others and if you can afford it, get a cleaner in for the first month or two months if you can. You don't want to be cooking or cleaning when your babies sleep - you should be sleeping too!

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