Introducing Ariel Ulrich - our latest model for projectme


Ariel Ulrich is projectme’s latest model to showcase our latest Dazed and Confused collection. Ariel grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and was discovered by August Models originally at a race track back in 2010. When asked if she wanted to be a model, she said ‘”no not really”, but ended up following the offer up. Lucky she did, as she has now successfully travelled the world including Bangkok, Beijing and India working with different agencies for both Print and TV.

Ariel has been modelling for 11 years and loves meeting new people and getting the chance to travel the world. She also loves being the vision a client sees that they want to portray. Being able to wear beautiful garments & getting her make up done by amazing artists is also a huge perk!

She admits modelling can be hard. Dealing with rejection has taken some time to get used to, but has now realised that it’s not her, it’s just not the look the company is going for.

Ariel is pregnant with her 2nd child and like all of us, has experienced some challenging moments. “The best moments always outweigh the hardest moments. Sleep deprivation is probably the hardest thing to get through, but you look at this tiny miracle you’ve created with the love of your life and your heart just explodes with so much love. My advice is to always enjoy the smallest moments with your little one, because time is such a thief and before you know it, they’ve grown into their own little independent person”.

Ariel Ulrich
Agency: Red 11
Height: 182/ 5’11.5″
Dress Size - NZ/AUS 8


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