Hotmilk...a celebration of every women's shape and size

Every women’s bust is a different size and shape. Some are small and pointy, others are big and round. And then breastfeeding happens and everything changes again. We get it. We know the difficulties around trying to fit a changing bust size along with so many different shapes and sizes.

Traditionally Hotmilk fitted A - H cup from a 10 – 20 band, however during that time we realised there were a lot of women greater that an H cup and smaller than a 10 band. After considerable research and development, we decided to introduce more styles and sizes to accommodate these women.

Our Obsession Nursing bra was released in 2018 and was designed to fit women from a 10 – 20 band and an F – J cup. The fit and quality of this style has been staggeringly loved by so many women, so it was decided to release it in a striking Aquamarine colourway along with a beautiful dusty rose colourway which will be released later in the year.

Even after the release of Obsession, we still felt bigger busted women needed something sexy too. Our elegant lace detailed Temptation Nursing bras are available from C-H cups and are so incredibly popular. The shape and support from this bra has always been second to none, so it made sense to offer this style in bigger sizes. As of August 2019, Temptation black and powder will be available in HH and J cups which is the most exciting news for our bigger busted women.

Now let’s not forget about our smaller petite ladies who are often told they have a huge amount of styles available to them and yes that can somewhat be true. However what if you are a size 8 in the band and an E in the cup? Its these types of sizes that need comfort and support. Our Temptation Nursing bras start at an 8 band and size from a C-J cup. We also have many styles in our soft cup range including Show Off and Eclipse which are available from a 10 -20 band and an A – H cup.

It’s time celebrate everyone, no matter what shape or size they are! We’re super proud to offer a large range of styles and sizes and will continue to listen to our customers to make sure no one is left out!

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