Changing the perception of birth - Jordyn from Kiwi Birth Tales shares her insight.

Jordyn from Kiwi Birth Tales shares birthing stories from mamas all over New Zealand through her Kiwi Birth Tales podcast and also via her website. We talk to Jordyn, mother of 2 about her podcast, hypnobirthing and her passionate view on changing the common perception of birth.

What made you want to launch the Kiwi Birth Tales podcast?

I have always loved birth stories and have been interested in pregnancy and birth, Joe and I were thinking about babies sometime soon and I didn't know much about birthing in NZ apart from a few stories from friends who had children already. I was a big fan of podcasts and there was nothing out there in the NZ market so I decided to give it a go. I googled what I needed to start a podcast and how to do it, and the rest is history! 

What has been the most memorable tale you’ve heard?

Honestly so hard to pick one, they are all unique in their own ways and that is what I love about the podcast - even the most 'standard' birth stories still have their own quirks and each story is so different. I do love the ones where a Mama has had a difficult experience the first time but has a really healing and empowering experience after that, not that I like that anyone has birth trauma but because I think the strength of overcoming that anxiety and doing it again is so incredible! 

And what about your favourite tip you’ve taken away from a guests story?

I get alllllll the tips from recording with podcast Mamas!! I have learnt that every baby is so different and what works for one may not work for another so it's super important to be open minded when navigating the beast that is parenting. 

How is life as a new mama of 2? How are you managing your time?

Life is hectic! But I am loving it, it has been so special seeing Jai adapt to his role as big brother and Ali smiles every-time Jai walks past, melts my heart. I am still juggling all the balls at the moment and my time management definitely could be better but Joe and I are always working as a team and we share the load so it feels like we are coping at the moment. When Jai is at daycare for the mornings that is my time to get some work done and spend one on one time with Ali. 

Do you have a favourite Hotmilk style and why?

YES! I love the Show Off Wirefree Nursing bra, I have 3 of them and I am obsessed. So comfy and actually looks nice, it's hard to find cute bras for big boobs that are suitable for breastfeeding and also comfy but this one nails it. 

Tell us a little bit about your hypnobirthing work and what that involves?

Your Birth Project is my online Hypnobirthing course, it is designed to help Mamas create their best birth, whatever that means to them. I think Hypnobirthing can often be associated with drug free vaginal birth as being the only and best option, which is an amazing option but also not realistic for every body so the course gives hypnobirthing techniques that can be applied in any birthing scenario, while informing Mamas of the labour process, hormones, possible birth outcomes and so much more. I believe knowledge is power and this is absolutely true when it comes to birth so the course equips Mamas with what they need to make confident, informed choices. There is also huge benefit for birth partners watching the course, and a specific section for them too. I am so passionate about changing the perception of birth and helping Mamas to have their best births and this is my way of doing that.

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