Arianne Marie - a well travelled blogger about to take on a whole new adventure!

Born in California and Rome, Ari and Gian have lived in over 10 countries, visited 55, and are steadily rising! They have a passion for researching the best a place has to offer and love sharing their adventures alongside tips and ideas for unparalleled luxury experiences. However this well-travelled, thirsty for adventure couple are about to take on a new adventure. Due in December 2018, Ari and Gian will welcome their first child to their brood, so we thought we’d catch up with what their plans are for travelling in the future.

Firstly, huge congratulations on falling pregnant! I suppose the question on everyone’s mind is…Do you still plan to travel the world once bubs arrives and how do you think your plans may evolve?
Thank you so much, we are excited! I think we might slow down in terms of going to certain over adventurous places but we still want to travel as often as possible. We strongly believe it will be also the best education for our little one.

Travelling with children can be quite different. Which country would you love to visit as a family of 3?
I bet it is! I would still like to visit as many as possible but maybe now living in the US we can discover this side of the world more. So many interesting cities here in the country and of course nearby Mexico and Italy to connect her with her roots will be must dos!

As a major travel influencer and blogger, I can imagine travelling constantly can be tiring, what are your top 3 tips for staying alert and healthy?
It certainly can but invigorating! I’d say top 3 are:

  1. Walk as much everywhere, you will get some cardio and discover more the city you are visiting.
  2. Whenever possible a couple of days before traveling start sleeping as close as possible to your destination’s time zone. Helps when arriving!
  3. Be sure to enjoy yourself, try to eat local ingredients, local dishes instead of finding what you usually think of strictly “healthy” back at home. Stay open minded!

You’ve been to see many different parts of the world. What has been you most memorable place to visit?
Hard to say but maybe Tibet and Maldives. They are truly unforgettable!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
That is hard to say, I guess at this point in our lives where we are about to have a little one I say we are living currently where we are meant to. Near family, in a safe city (Scottsdale was voted one of the safest cities in the US) and close enough to Mexico to be able to visit often. In the future I’d ideally love to live by the beach as well. That would be a dream!

More fun facts about Ari…

Winter or Summer?
Summer all the way! Except in Arizona now a days I am loving their mild winter

Favourite Food?
Mexican & Japanese

Favourite Fashion Style?
The softest and comfiest the clothes the better! I wish I could walk around in pajamas

Red wine or White wine?
Red wine for sure! Amarone is my favorite :-)

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