All things pregnancy, fertility, and nutrition from naturopath Lucy Fitzgibbons

Lucy is a registered naturopath specialising in women’s health including fertility, weight management, nutrition and more. Based in beautiful New South Wales, Australia, Lucy weaves together traditional healing wisdom with modern science to deliver safe, effective and holistic treatments.

Lucy recently took over our Instagram stories to answer your questions on all things pregnancy, fertility, and nutrition. Read on to get a glimpse into Lucy’s expert advice.

Can I conceive while breastfeeding?

Yes! The key is to focus on preparing for your next pregnancy. Start by topping up your nutrient stores. Just think, it’s been a big job for your body to grow a baby, birth a baby, and now feed a baby. While it’s so rewarding providing for your beautiful new baby, it can leave a mum quite nutrient deficient. Focus on rebuilding your nutrient stores.

If you are wanting to conceive whilst breastfeeding, I would recommend starting on a preconception plan. This could include supplementing key nutrients such as vitamin D, iron, B12, folate and zinc. Many new mums are quite low in iron after birth so it is important to replenish iron stores prior to conceiving again. Consider getting a blood test to see where your levels are at so you can then adjust your diet or supplements to prepare for your next pregnancy.

Should folic acid be taken for the entire pregnancy?

Folate is a nutrient that is important for pregnancy to help support the neural tube development of your baby. There are different types of folate - folinic acid, 5-MTHF, folic acid... And they’re all very different!

I personally don’t like folic acid as many of the population can’t metabolise it properly meaning it can lead to poor pregnancy outcomes for some people. However, I am a fan of activated folate. It can be tricky to pick the perfect prenatal to support you in having a healthy pregnancy & baby. Labels & marketing can be so confusing. I’ve put together a post on my Instagram that is there to help you decipher the ingredients panel of your supplements and give you a better idea of what to look for.

I’m one year post-pill and still no regular periods. Tips for low progesterone and testosterone?

The pill shuts down communication between the brain and the ovaries. After coming off the pill, it can take a little while for the communication to get restarted. If you were a client of mine, I would ask you a few questions to understand a bit more information like:

  • Are you underweight or restricting food?
  • Have you been under high stress?
  • How much do you exercise? (Too much/often can affect your cycle)
  • Do you have any other symptoms or health concerns eg. gut issues or thyroid problems?
  • Addressing the above concerns are key to get your period back. If you feel you are eating well, not over exercising and have no other health concerns I encourage you to book in with a health practitioner.

    How do I increase milk supply when breastfeeding?

    I’d recommend drinking a strongly brewed cup of fenugreek and fennel herbal tea multiple times daily (Weleda Nursing Tea is a great option). Make sure you are also drinking plenty of water, and eating enough for both you and your baby. Some key nutrients to look out for include plenty of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and a good amount of protein. If you still feel like your supply is diminished, book in with a naturopath for further support.

    If you’d like to connect with Lucy and book an appointment, you can! Lucy runs all of her consults via Zoom. Take a look at her website here. You can also find her on instagram - @lucyfitz.naturopath

    Note: this blog is only for general advice purposes. Please, if you have any medical or health concerns, we recommend you book in to see a naturopath or GP to address any questions you might have.

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