Meet Ashley


Qualified dance teacher and mama to a beautiful wee baby, born 2019.

Ashley has been dancing since the age of two and has an amazing portfolio of dance and performance achievements. Along with being a mum, she is now teaching and educating young performers and sharing her love of dance with everyone.

How did you feel about the changes to your body before the shoot?

After having my bubby quite young, I was very proud of my new body and what it had achieved but I struggled to find a bra that didn’t look frumpy or age me!

How did the shoot and wearing Hotmilk Lingerie make you feel afterwards?

After birthing my daughter, my body snapped back fairly quickly as I’ve always struggled to retain weight. This is what I thought I wanted until someone told me that I didn’t look like a ‘real mum.’ Of course I knew they meant it as a compliment but deep down I wish I had retained some baby weight or had darker marks to show off what my body had achieved. Shooting for Hotmilk Lingerie was amazing, meeting all these amazing mothers reminded me that there is absolutely no mould of what a ‘real mum’ should look like. No matter what your body looks like, anyone that has birthed (any way) or raised children is a real mum. That is the best blessing life can give us and something to be proud of.

What’s the top tip you’d give to a new mother?

My top tip for a new mum is to trust your instincts! No body knows your baby better than you.

What’s the best thing about being a mother?

Cuddling your amazing little creation and watching how they grow and develop.