38 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas For New Parents

Hoe to buy the best baby shower gift

The Ultimate Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents 

Whether you are attending a friend's baby shower, baby sprinkle or sip and see, we all want to bring the perfect gift. This is no easy task! It can be really difficult to think of something that is unique, meaningful and useful. If you are a parent already you may have a few great go-to gifts that your little one loves. For those of you who are stumped when it comes to baby shower gifting we have you covered. We have compiled a list of our most loved baby shower gifts for baby and mum & dad. 

We have separated our gift guide in to two sections: gifts for baby and gifts for the parents. We hope you find it useful

Baby Shower Gifts For The Baby

  • Handmade - We love homemade gifts. There is nothing more meaningful and heartfelt. There is something so special about a friend or family member taking the time to create something for your baby. 

Handmade Baby Shower Gift
  • Swaddles or Swaddle ups - Swaddles are what a baby is wrapped in for sleep. It is always good to have a few different swaddle options on hand, which make it the perfect baby shower gift. When shopping for a swaddle or swaddle up, make sure you think about the temperature when the baby will be born and buy accordingly. 
  • Baby carrier or wrap. Great for parents to get out of the house or even just free up their hands while still comforting their new baby. 
  • Baby Bath -Bathing a newborn baby can be difficult. Thankfully there are baths designed specifically for little ones. The Shnuggle or Stokke bath can be used from birth to 12 months old so you can be sure it will get a ton of use. 
  • Baby Bath Kit - Put together a baby bath kit. If you’re a parent, include some tried-and-true bath necessities. This is great if you know someone else is buying a baby bath. 
  • Bath thermometer - A great addition to the baby bath is a bath thermometer. This, like the bath, will get a lot of use. 
  • Cot sheets & underlay- If you know what kind of cot your friend or family member has purchased, a fitted sheet and wool underlay is the perfect gift. You can always include a mattress protector too. 
Cot Blankets Gift for a Babyshower
    • Books - Books are always a good idea. We suggest including an exchange card with this gift as there are often double ups of the classics. 
    • Baby journal - This is a perfect keepsake for the parents and baby. Journals include things like important milestones and firsts, family profiles, family tree and travel map, playgroup and daycare through to kindy and school years, time capsule, nicknames and celebrations, pets, friends, birthdays and more.
    • Sleep sacks 6 month + - New parents often get a ton of newborn gifts, but don't receive much past 3-6 months old. We suggest buying some of the more expensive items like merino sleep sacks for a 6+month old now. 
    • Personalised Book - Spark lifelong imagination with a personalised book that includes baby’s name in the title and throughout the book.
    • Book And Blanket Combo- For lots of reading snuggles, create a cute book-and-blanket combo gift.
    Baby Blanket Baby Shower Gift
    • Nappies - What new parent doesn’t need tons of nappier? Stock their shelves with cloth or disposable nappies, depending on their preference.

    • Nappy Bag- With lots of different nappy bags on the market, find one that’s functional and also perfectly suits mum and dad’s personality. We often find a backpack style offers longevity, as it is easier to carry when you are chasing a toddler. 

    Nappy Bag Baby Shower Gift for a New Mum
    • Nursing Pillow - Breastfeeding or bottle feeding a nursing pillow is the perfect addition to any nursery. 

    • Wet bag - Practical and fun, wet bags are a go-to for many mums. Handy to have in the nappy bag or in the car, they are great for stashing reusable nappies until you get home, or sopping wet clothes after exploring the beach or local pool.

    • White noise/ sssshing- We are yet to come across a parent who doesn't love their white noise or shusher. The White noise is just like the 'sssshing' and 'swoooshing' sounds your baby heard for nine months in the womb. Inside the womb, the noise is constant. It's louder than a vacuum cleaner, 24 hours a day! So your newborn has already been listening to white noise for many months before they are born...and this is one of the reasons babies are calm INSIDE the womb. Playing continuous white noise is one of the easiest ways to provide your baby with 4th Trimester 'womb service' and make them feel right at home.

    • First-Year Photo Frame- A frame with 12 photo slots lets parents capture their little one’s first year with one photo a month. A memorable gift for sure!

    • First Aid Kit - Every parent needs a baby first aid kit on hand. You can put your own together or buy one online.

    • Baby Monitor - You can bet the new parents will be wanting to check on their little one while they sleep. A baby monitor is a great way for mum and dad to keep a watchful eye. 

    • Go In Together With Friends- Surprise mom and dad by gathering a few friends to split the cost and purchasing a big item such as a stroller or cot.

      Baby Shower Gifts For Mom And Dad

      • Professional Photoshoot- Professional maternity, newborn or family photos are always a great gift. Purchase a gift card for a photoshoot or, if you’re a photographer, give them the gift of your time! We have a range of beautiful lingerie sets perfect for a maternity shoot, so you could always include a Hotmilk voucher. 

      Maternity Photoshoot wearing Hotmilk Lingerie
      • Framed Ultrasound- Frame a couple of the best ultrasound pictures. Their first framed photos of the new baby!

      • Stroller Organiser - When the new baby is born, mum and dad will spend plenty of time walking (or running) with the stroller. A stroller organiser will keep everything easy to access. We also suggest adding a cup holder. 

      Stroller Organiser
      • Subscription Box- With a subscription box, mum or dad will receive a box of goodies in the mail each month. 

      • Childcare- This is one of the best gifts you can give! If you are someone the new parents would trust to babysit then absolutely offer up your time.

      • Meal Or Grocery Service- Sign the expecting parents up for a couple of months of free and easy meals with a meal or grocery delivery service. Not having to think about dinner will be sure to make the parents grateful!

      • Home-Cooked Food - For families with new babies, schedule the meal train to start about 2 weeks after the baby comes. A meal train is when a group of friends or family co-ordinate cooking for the new parents. 

      Pre-made meals for new parents
      • Journal- Motherhood is often a blur. Help mum and dad treasure and remember every moment with a an easy to use journal. 

      • Spa Day- A relaxing pregnancy treatment or spa day for the new parents will be greatly appreciated. 

      • Housekeeping Services- You often hear parents say that they are drowning in washing. Staying on top of the housework while caring for a little one can be difficult. A gift card for a cleaning service will give mum and dad a reprieve from the mountains of washing. 

      • At-Home Date Night Gift Box- Order and deliver meals from the couples favourite restaurant. Creating the perfect at home date night. 

      • Online Gift Card- Every parent loves the convenience of shopping online. A gift card allows them to order the last few baby essentials off their registry. We love stores like The Sleep Store and Nature Baby. 

      • Nursing Lingerie Voucher - Often the mum is so busy buying everything she might need for the baby she completely forgets about herself. A Hotmilk voucher is perfect for pregnancy, the hospital bag and breastfeeding. You really can't go wrong! 

      • Pregnancy Compression Socks - Socks might not be the most elegant gift, but pregnancy compression socks will be practical (and appreciated!) gift for pregnant mums. 

      • Robe & Slippers - a robe and a pair of slippers and you’ve got a winning lounge-wear baby shower gift.

      Bath Robe for a New Mum Baby Shower Gift
      • Maternity Pyjamas- Every pregnant mum wants to feel confident and beautiful — even while she sleeps! Gift her a pair of comfortable maternity pyjamas.

      • Breastfeeding Supplies- Put together some nursing essentials, such as a Hotmilk bra & reusable nursing pads, and a basket full of snacks.

      When shopping for a baby shower gift make sure you are thinking about the parents and their situation, if this is their second, third or fourth child they may already have a lot of the items listed above. What they won't have is time to themselves, so childcare or an at home date night could be the best gift. If this is a first pregnancy and the parents are not expecting a lot of hand-me-downs they will probably need all of the essentials. When in doubt talk to the expectant parents, there is nothing worse than wasting money on something they will never use. Happy shopping! 

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