Hotmilk Collective are extremely conscious of the decisions they make when creating and manufacturing garments. Careful consideration is given to the functionality of the garment as well as the sustainability of the fabrics. Every product is tested on real women to ensure the fit is amazing, it's true to size, will last and be loved by our mamas!

Test fit: Throughout the design and manufacture process, our garments are tested and fitted on real women to ensure they support where it's needed and fit true to size. We have fit models in a variety of sizes who frequently visit our headquarters to try on and test our bras before we produce them. This not only ensures an amazing fit but also decreases the chances of our bras ending up in a landfill.

Sustainability and careful consumption: We are making small changes where we possibly can to become more sustainable. We are constantly looking to use recycled and natural fibres where we can and already have a variety of bras in production using these fabrics. We are very ethical in the way we source our fabrics and choose to use stock fabrics and trims that are often leftovers or waste from larger company orders, which in turn diverts this fabric from landfill.

Know it will last: Careful consideration is given to the quality of the fibres to ensure the longevity of the garment. We are designing multi-fit garments that will grow with you and stretch between sizes to avoid unnecessary consumption. The introduction of magnetic nursing clips is very discreet, enabling our mamas to continue wearing our bras beyond maternity and nursing.

TIP FOR OUR MAMAS: Time is precious, so don't waste it by handwashing our bras; instead pop them in a lingerie bag and machine wash them in the machine as normal. PLUS, save money and embrace nature by line drying items, no tumble drying or dry cleaning needed.